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Hampden Books

Experience linguistic footpaths through the forests of your mind


Lift yourself above the tree canopy to see the forest from above and to the edge of space-time as you travel on the linguistic highway.


Meet with a mind that is like yours. Share in the solidarity and coherence that binds us.


Celebrate being alive in both the linguistic and the physical. Be public with your language. Cast your first-person. Be someone in a language.


The world does not speak. Only we do.


Truth cannot be out there – cannot exist independently of the human mind – because sentences cannot so exist, or be out there. The world is out there, but descriptions of the world are not. – Richard Rorty

We rewrite the past, not because we find out more about it, but because we present actions under new descriptions – Ian Hacking

About Us

Hampden Books is a publishing endeavour that encourages mindful people to come together in solidarity and coherence to share their linguistic journeys. To be alive is to publish the shadows of our minds from our first-person perspective.

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Coventry is blooming this time of year and is the City of Culture for 2021. The perfect time to meet in an office to listen to a tree falling!


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