It's language, stupid!

Existence or experience?

Which is more important? Existence or experience? If you experience seeing unicorns in your mind but you know that they are not real, which wins out?

Traditionally we have always looked toward existence as a marker of reality. If we can bump into it, handle it and investigate it, it exists, right?

Some might say that the mind does not exist but if I experience it throughout my life then it seems pretty important to me.

In some ways, mind might be more important than matter. I know there is a star Betelgeuse in the constellation of Orion which I occasionally look at. But for most of the time that object has little bearing on my life. Sure it might contribute in some tiny way to keeping the galaxy together, but what impact does that have on me?

Yet the contents of my mind are everything to me because I experience them every day and in totality. I cannot have a thought that is hidden away in some distant part of my brain, out of mind so to speak. The mind presents every thought to me simply because I am my mind.

Some of these thoughts might not have much impact on my life. Imagining a unicorn is perhaps not going to change my behaviour, unless it is a part of some recurring nightmare. But I do experience the unicorn, unlike Betelgeuse (apart from the times when I happen to to look at Betelgeuse).

It seems to me that what I experience is more of a life-defining quality than what exists. Perhaps this is the way we should view ourselves and the universe from now on?

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