It's language, stupid!

Reality as the totality of things might well be independent of us, it is simply there waiting for us to talk about it. But reality as the totality of facts is not independent of us.

Thomas Hofweber (2018)

It is range-dependent on our conceptual capacities in that what facts can in principle obtain is connected to what facts we can in principle represent. Reality as all that is the case has a central place in it for us. … If internalism is true then there is no independent domain of such things: facts and propositions are not things at all. Nonetheless, facts obtain and some propositions are true.

Hofweber, T. (2018) Conceptual Idealism Without Ontological Idealism: Why Idealism Is True After All. in Idealism: new essays in metaphysics, T. Goldschmidt and K. Pearce (Eds). OUP

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