It's language, stupid!

I cannot change the physical. But I can change the linguistic.

I cannot change the physical just by willing it to change. If a photon is going to hit a surface and reflect into my eye,  then it is going to do that no matter what I think. But I can change the linguistic. You say that language represent the physical world. But if I say it doesn’t then there is nothing you can do or say to make it so. I say it doesn’t

So when philosophers say that language represents the physical world, that is just their opinion. If I say it doesn’t, then it doesn’t.

How do you change the physical? You might place your hand in the way of the photon so that it is deflected and does not reach your eye. But then you have not changed the physical. The physical is behaving just as you would expect it to. The hand provides a reflection surface and so the photon behaves as it should do by reflecting off the surface of the hand. The eye does not see the photon but then that was never the destiny. The destiny was for the hand to come up and reflect the photon. The laws of nature will always roll on in the way they always have done.

So can we change anything? Let’s say we decide to change the colour of the primary mirror of a telescope. We put a green card in front of the mirror and it becomes green. But did we change the physical or the linguistic? The card reflects green photons into our eyes. But that that was the destiny all along. The physical just obeys the laws that it always has. We haven’t changed anything there.

But we have changed the linguistic. The change is:

We put a green card in front of the mirror and it becomes green.

The language we use to describe the change is the change. Not the physical. Language is the only entity that we have control of.

So what would you like to change? …

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