It's language, stupid!

The artist and the clay

They say that Stan Laurel was at once the artist and the clay, the ringmaster and the clown (Brooks, 2019). While Laurel and Hardy on screen were seen as a comedy duo, off screen Stan wrote most of the gags and devised the screen play.

The artist and the clay. The artist writes the script for the clay, moulds it to the form he or she wants it to be, and gives it a past, present and future. The clay bends to the artists form, is thrown to the wheel and plays out the drama in front of the artist’s eyes.

This is the relationship between language and the word. Language is the artist, the world is the clay. Language shapes our past, present and future by throwing and moulding the physical world. It is the world that bends to our linguistic thoughts and the world that acts out our linguistic play.

Xan Brooks, 2019

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