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There’s only one dandelion in the field

We like to think of ‘the self’ as something out there. So I have myself, my own little consciousness, and you, the reader, have yourself, your own little consciousness to go with your brain. And every other human brain has their own self – their own subjectivity.

But subjectivity is not something that can be objectified. We cannot claim that because there are N x number of brains out there then there are N x subjective minds.

Subjectivity is a perspective; a way of viewing life. I view the world from my subjective perspective and this is what gives me the sense that I am me. I cannot ‘lend’ my subjectivity to you. I will always have it. I can pretend to be you, but then that is just me pretending to be you. It is not you. I am trapped in my subjectivity, my first-person perspective, and there is no other subjectivity I can know of.

There can only be one subjectivity at any one time. Only one dandelion. And that dandelion is me.


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