It's language, stupid!

Name one thing that you have done today that didn’t involve language. Clean your teeth, eat breakfast, take a pee, go for a jog? But all these things involve language. You have just told me what you did in language.

So let’s start again. Name one thing you did today that didn’t involve language.

mm er …

Not so easy is it? We cannot get away from language. Everything we say, write and think is through language. Even ‘cleaning teeth’ and ‘going for a jog’ are linguistic statements.

We are language in a sense and language is our DNA. Everything you have ever done since birth and have ever thought and have ever spoken and have ever written is encoded in language.

Want to know why? Read the new book by Michael Cribb out now in paperback (£11.99) and eBook (£9.99).

Go on, your physical is itching to know why it has been left out.



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